Fitzgerald Marshall Hardy - Graphic Designers Leamington Spa, West Midlands


Looks aren't important

Creativity is not
pretty work;
it's the knack of
grabbing attention.

More ways to skin a cat

Sometimes we're told:
"I know what I want".
Sometimes they're right.
Sometimes we disagree.

Is BIG beautiful?

Perhaps. But we don't
have a big staff; or a big
office or big overheads
that mean big fees.

In a big agency, it’s likely that most staff will be off attending to other clients, other projects.

So a smallish core team is what you’re left with. Like ours.Every solution grows from one person’s thought. An idea that’s shared, challenged expanded and refined.

If we need specialists we know specialists. That’s where experience comes in. Copywriters, printers, photographers, media buyers, web technicians, video makers, sound engineers… you name it, we know them.

So there’s teamwork and the right team when teamwork is needed.